Need Important 8 free Facebook Marketing Tools

1. Agora Pulse (link)

This Facebook (and Twitter) dashboard shows you an overview of all activity on your page and lets you schedule posts and begin campaigns right from the dashboard. What kind of campaigns, you wonder? Just about anything you could ever need. Here’s a list:
  • Photo contest
  • Coupon
  • Fan Vote
  • Instant win
  • Persoanlity test
  • Quiz
  • Sweepstakes
Campaign information can be added as a page section, and you can promote your campaign via a post to your page. The free plan has a cap on participants, which you can lift by upgrading to a paid plan.
Price: Free trial, then plans starting at $29 per month
Alternative Facebook app and campaign tools:

2. EdgeRank Checker (link)

Owned by Social Bakers, one of our favorite social media research sites, EdgeRank Checker offers a complete overview and analysis of a Facebook page with some really neat charts and graphs for their free score and some extra advanced features—like page recommendations and key metrics—for their paid plans.
Here’s a view of the heatmap for when our Buffer fans are online.

Price: Free score, free for two weeks, then

3. ShortStack (link)

A comprehensive Facebook campaign tool, ShortStack works to make it easy to add any sort of campaign—a staggering number of options, really—to your page. ShortStack offers templates to start from, or you can build a campaign from scratch, using an intuitive visual editor.

You can push a campaign live in minutes via ShortStack. For advanced options with your campaign (and to remove the ShortStack branding), you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.
Price: Free
Alternative Facebook contest tools:

4. Facebook Page Barometer (link)

Want to know the health of your Facebook page? Want to see how it stacks up to pages of a similar size and scale? This tool from Agora Pulse delivers stats on reach, engagement, feedback, virality, and more, and it compares your results to results of pages with a similar amount of fans. The benchmark breakdowns (which you can view no matter your page size) are as follows:
  • Under 1,000
  • Between 1,000 and 10,000
  • Between 10,000 and 50,000
  • Between 50,000 and 100,000
  • More than 100,000
Price: Free

5. AgoraPulse Contest (link)

Another neat tool from AgoraPulse, this simple contest app lets you connect your Facebook pages and try out three different types of contest to reward those who engage with you.
Sweepstakes – Randomly pick winners among the fans who have liked or commented on a post
Quiz – Ask fans a question, pick a winner among those who answered correctly
Photo contest – Ask fans to comment with a photo, pick a winner among those with the most likes
Bonus cool thing: You can store the winners for reference later, in case you don’t want the same person winning multiple times.
Price: Free

6. Conversation Score (link)

Discover any page’s influence, engagement, and performance simply by entering the page URL into the Conversation Score tool. No Facebook authorization required.

Price: Free

7. Likealyzer (link)

A tool similar to Conversation Score, Likealyzer reviews Facebook pages and comes up with an overall score and recommendations on where to improve. All you need to do is enter a Facebook page URL (no Facebook authorization needed), and Likealyzer will return blocks of easy-to-read data and advice on the health of your page.

Price: Free

8. FanPage Karma (link)

Another in the line of Facebook analytics tools, FanPage Karma shows an overview and score for your page. Best of all, you can get super detailed if you only need analysis on one page. Fanpage Karma lets you unlock a full report once, and the full report details the page content, timing, influencers, fan engagement, tagging, benchmarking, and more.

 Price: Free


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