How to Root most Android Phones in 5 Minutes without PC

Hello Dears, I wish you are OK. Now I’m showing that how to Root your Android Phone in 5 Minutes without PC by using Towelroot. So, lets go!
What is Towelroot?
Towelroot is a latest Android rooting tool released by “Geohot”. Towelroot apk is an easy and convenient rooting apk for Android devices like Nexus 5, Galaxy S5 etc.
Why you Root your Android?
After rooted Android, you can flash to custom ROMs and personalizes the phone, uninstall unnecessary built in apps and saves memory, boost up the performances with auto run feature or backup data through titanium backup. You can add many feature and can increase your performense of Android UI.
Requirements for Towelroot:
01. Towelroot apk.
02. Compatible Android device.
How can you Root your Android by Towelroot?
01. Download Towelroot.
02. Install app and then run the app.
03. Click “make it ra1n”.
04. The app will take about 15 seconds to copy over the necessary root files, then it will automatically reboot your phone.
05. Complete!
01. Keep a data backup of your device before android rooting begins.
02. If this app is not work properly, you can use most popular Android rooting windows based software like RootGenius, KingoRoot etc.
Root your device at your own risk. I do not hold any responsibility of these tools or damages might occur due to using these tools.
DOWNLOAD: Towelroot v3
Other mobile tools:
You can install other tools on your device to try alternative rooting solution like Kingroot, Root Master, Vroot, iRoot, Framaroot, Z4root, Universal Androot etc.
Towelroot info and other online source.


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