How To Add Adsense Ads In Blogger Dynamic Views

The docs style of blogger dynamic views released in 7 different styles last year have impressed many bloggers but still few bloggers stepped behind due to few drawbacks like we cant use gadgets, widgets more efficiently as we use in other blogger templates. The major drawback that pushed the blogger users to stay away from using dynamic views is, it won’t allows the users to use adsense ads on dynamic views. This drawback was raised in front of blogger support and they have provided many solutions for few of the drawbacks found in dynamic views and they are working on it to provide more customizations.

I am writing this post to give a small tutorial on how to add adsense ads in dynamic views which was the major drawback of it. This post was created a long days ago itself but i not got enough time to complete it due to my exams and i am out of my exams today so you can notice regular updates on my blog like before. So let us move with the solution on how to add adsense ads in blogger dynamic views. At present the supported ad units are 728*90 and 160*1600
Google Adsense Ads on Blogger dynamic views
1. Go to Blogger dashboard –> Earnings.
2. Here you can apply for a new adsense account or link your existing adsense account.
3. There comes two options after setting your adsense account with blogger blog i.e, either to Show ads on blog or to show ads on feeds.

    If you prefer to show ads on blog, enable it and you can choose to display ads on sidebar, above or below posts or in both sidebar and beside post.

    If you prefer to show ads on feeds, enable it and you can adjust position options like top or bottom, ad type, etc. .

4. Save the settings.
That’s It. . .!!
Now you can notice adsense ads on your blogger dynamic views.


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