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OLX Clone is a very advanced OLX clone that allows you to add lots of features to your classified ads website.Create your own awesome classified ads site like OLX, Gumtree or Craigslist and let users sign in via Facebook, Twitter or Google. Let them add ads and get responses to them and you enjoy getting paid through ads. Comes with PayPal functionality, this is a good choice when looking for OLX clone script to download.

Admin Settings
Customize Home Page
Manage Ads
Manage Categories
Manage Sub Categories
Manage Countries
Manage States/Regions
Manage Cities
Manage Popular Searches
Manage User Comments
Manage Users
Manage Emails
Manage Reports/Report Types
Listing Approval
Registration Approval
Suspend Admins
Suspend Website Users
Bad Word Filter
Ban IP
Security Features
Captcha Entry(Protects spam and hacking attempts)
Secure Registration
Secure Login
Secure Listing
Bad Word Filters
Form Field Checking
Suspend Users
Seller Options
Post Classified Ads
Upload Photos
Renew Listing
Edit Listing
Remove Listing
Anti Spam
Member Area
Public Profile
All Ads at one place
Buyer Options
Contact Seller
Printer Friendly Page
Email to a friend
Advanced Search
Favorites List
Sort Listings
Browsing Filters
Public Profile
All Ads at one place

Plugins pack

Twitter Updates

This plugin will display twitter updates on your classifieds software website automatically. You can also link your facebook account and twitter account and then every wall post will go to twitter page as well. People following your classifieds software site twitter account will see them as well.

Mobile Version

Your own classifieds software script also has the option of a mobile version. It's better than having a mobile app as there are so many mobile operating systems and the cost of having all of them developed and keeping them updated with the fast releasing new versions of the operating system just won't match up with the benefits so we have developed a one for all mobile version which prompts a user visiting from a mobile device to either see the full site as normal or see the fast and light weight mobile version. Some of the features to highlight include posting via a mobile phone and taking pictures while posting the advert.
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This plugin allows you to fetch ads from any existing classifieds site via just the URL and helps fill the website with correct details and ads. Crawler supports olx, gumtree, locanto and craigstlist but further support can be added.

User Features

Bookmark and Share Listing
We have provided bookmarking and share listing feature in our classified script understanding the power of social media and on demand of our clients. These options are available at right hand side on every listing and are very easy to use. Users can share the listing on facebook or use
twitter or email the listing to their social
circle through these options.

Similar/Related Classified

 In our classified script we have added a section called similar/related classified, This section is available under each listing page where users can see the similar listings results they might be
interested in instead going back
and searching again.

Control Panel
 Users have their own control panel giving them complete control on their activity on the site. They can their favourite ads, posted ads, ads waiting for approval etc. They can also update their profile, profile image and other information like personal details and passwords etc.

Admin Features

Bad words Filter:
 Your Own Classifieds script software now has a bad words filter and all you have to do is add (and keep updated) the list with spam words and they will be replaced with ***** in the posts. You can also view all ads with ***** in admin panel so manually check them and see what they actually contain.

Custom Fields
 At Your Own Classifieds script we understand that some categories or sub categories might need more than regular and customised fields like for example engine size, fuel type and make in cars section so the script gives you the option to create custom fields on as low as sub category level and they could
be used to filter search results

And Many Moree...... 



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